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Christmas Set Menu 2017

Christmas Set Menu

Make it a stress-free Christmas! Serve a sumptuous meal without all of the hassle. Choose from any of our four special Christmas Set Menu and have a truly Merry Christmas!

• Beancurd & Mushroom w/ Egg Soup
• Roasted Butterfly Chicken
• Shangri-La Spring Roll
• Sweet & Sour Pork
• Crispy Long Beans w/ Sliced Beef in Sate Sauce
• Pancit Canton Shangri-La Style
• Sausage Fried Rice
• Butchi
• Sweet Corn Soup w/ Crabmeat
• Fried Boneless Chicken w/ Salt & Pepper
• Vegetable Spring Roll
• Fried Sliced Pork in Bbq Sauce
• Sliced Beef w/ Crispy Long Green Beans in Sweet Chili Curry
• Pancit Canton Shangri-La Style
• Asado & Egg Fried Rice
• Butchi
• Cream of Mushroom w/ Mixed Meat
• Sliced Pork Roll
• Fried Boneless Chicken in Premium Sauce
• Fish Fillet w/ Beancurd & Tausi
• Vegetarian Mixed Vegetables
• Pancit Canton Shangri-La Style
• Yeung Chow Fried Rice
• Lotus Pie
• Assorted Cold Cuts Combination
• Japanese Beancurd w/ Assorted Meat & Asparagus Soup
• Boneless Chicken w/ Teriyaki Sauce
• Braised Beef Chunk w/ Beancurd Stick
• Chopped Patatim – Cantonese Style
• Salt & Pepper Sliced Squid
• Shangri-La Special Noodles
• Yeung Chow Fried Rice
• Butchi
• Almond Jelly w/ Fruit Cocktail
• Assorted Cold Cuts Combination
• Shitake Mushroom w/ Shredded Chicken & White Fungus Soup
• Sweet Sliced Ham w/ Pineapple
• Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Taoso Soy Sauce
• Live Fried Crab w/ Duck Egg
• Roasted Chicken Stuffings
• Braised Beef w/ 3 Kinds Of Mushroom
• Vietnamese Rice Noodles
• Smoked Fish Fried Rice
• Christmas Snow Balls
• Mango Sago

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