Shangri-La Quezon City Venue for Wedding, Party, Events, Baptismal, Birthday, Conference, Meetings, and Catering Services

Set Menu Packages

Set Menu Packages

1. Sweet Corn Soup
2. Golden Beancurd w/ Baguio Petchay
3. Buttered Chicken
4. Beef Patties In Sweet Chili Curry Sauce
5. Shangri-La Spring Roll
6. Pancit Canton Shangri-La Style
7. Sausage Fried Rice
8. Sweet Sesame Balls

Plus: P20.00 Towel Service (Optional)

1. Sweet Corn w/ Crabmeat Soup
2. Steamed Fish Fillet In Tausi
3. Sauteed Mixed Vegetable
4. Diced Chicken In Bbq Sauce
5. Beef Chunks with Button Mushroom
6. Sotanghon Guisado
7. Yeung Chow Fried Rice
8. Lotus Pie
9. Almond Jelly

Plus: P20.00 Towel Service (Optional)

1. Minced Chicken Mushroom Soup
2. Sweet and Sour Pork
3. Fried Garlic Chicken
4. Sliced Beef with Native Petchay
5. Salt & Pepper Fish Fillet
6. Pancit Canton-Shangri-La Style
7. Yeung Chow Fried Rice
8. Sweet Sesame Balls
9. Mango Sago

Plus: P20.00 Towel Service (Optional)

1. Assorted Cold Cuts Combination
2. Cream of Mushroom w/ Minced Mixed Seafoods
3. Pork Loin-Chinese Style
4. Fried Garlic Chicken
5. Fish Fillet with Beancurd in Brown Sauce
6. Salt & Pepper Squid
7. Noodles w/ Mixed Meat & Bamboo Shoots
8. Yeung Chow Fried Rice
9. Lotus Pie
10. Almond Jelly with Lychees

Plus: P20.00 Towel Service (Optional)

1. Assorted Cold Cuts Combination
2. Shredded Spinach with Assorted Seafoods Soup
3. Shangri-La Chicken 2 Ways
4. Shelled Shrimps with Ham and Bell Pepper
5. Patatim with Cuapao
6. Beef Loin with Taiwan Petchay
7. Grilled Noodles w/ 8 Treasure
8. Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Soy Sauce
9. Lotus Pie
10. Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail

Plus: P24.00 Towel Service (Optional)

1. Assorted Cold Cuts Combination
2. Fishlips with Shredded Meat Soup
3. Imported Peking Duck-Chopped Half
4. Shelled Prawns with Butter And Garlic
5. Sea Asparagus with Twin Mushroom & Vegetable
6. Pork Spareribs in Xo Sauce
7. Steamed Lapu-Lapu With Taoso in Soy Sauce
8. Singaporean Crabs
9. Snow Balls
10. Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail

Plus: P24.00 Towel Service (Optional)

1. Twin Hot Appetizer
2. Fishlips & Dried Scallop with Twin Variety Soup
3. Peking Duck-2 Ways
4. Hot Prawn Salad
5. Beef Loin with Yellow Mango
6. Three Kinds of Ocean Treasure w/ Three Kinds of Mushroom
7. Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Soy Sauce
8. Crab with Sotanghon in XO Sauce
9. Snow Balls
10. Mango Sago

Plus: P24.00 Towel Service (Optional)

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Click here to view Optional Charges and Corkages Fee
Soft drinks in can   Php 75.00
Soft drinks in glass   Php 55.00
Beer in can   Php 80.00
Juices   Php 55.00
Doves   Php 700.00
Flowers (Pres. Table)   Php 300.00/Piece
Basic Sound System   Php 800.00
Complete Table Set-up   Php 250.00/table
Balloons   Php 30.00/stick
Ribbons (tulle)   Php 10.00/chair
Elevated Platform   Php 250.00/Piece
Photo & Video (current fee charge)   Php 500.00
Photo Booth (current fee charge)   Php 500.00
Ceremony Charge   Php 500.00
Projector (current fee charge)   Php 400.00


Cake   Php 300.00/Layer
Candy Buffet   Php 500.00
Candy Buffet w/ Chocolate Fountain   Php 800.00
Sorbetes (Food Cart)   Php 800.00
Food Cart w/out Flame   Php 800.00
Wine   Php 300.00/liter bottle
Hard Drinks   Php 500.00/liter bottle
Lechon (Whole)   Php 1,500.00/Piece
Lechon (Chopped)   Php 1,000.00
Lechon Baka   Php 3,000.00
Lights & Sounds   Php 2,500.00

Exceeding Hour Depends on the Venue.


(Designs and prices available upon request)

    • Bridal Toast
    • Signature Frame (minimum P15,000. Worth of Food & Drinks)
Reservation Fee Php 2,000.00

50% Deposit a week after making reservation & full payment a day before the function.


Trucking fee within Quezon City P5,000.00 to P6,000.00

    • Tables & Chairs (1 Table / 10 chairs) 220.00/set
    • Service Charge – Plus 10% on Food & Drinks
    • Minimum food charge(catering) P25,000.00
    • Trucking fee outside Metro Manila will depend on the distance of catering site.
    • Time Limit – 4 Hours (Maximum)
    • Additional 10% Service Charge(for catering function that goes beyond 4 hours) plus 1/2 Trucking Fee Charge